2015 LX Festival Pics (Irvine, CA)

3-21-2015 LX Festival pics I took while attending. A lot of Badass cars and great people. Enjoy!

7777.775, Mar 23, 2015
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    • Tammie
      Awesome pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. Not so sure about the sublime Hellcat with the flared wheel wells. Interesting...
    • Billet Hellcat
      Great pics felt like I was there LOL nice meeting you btw
      Tammie the car with flares just had a HC hood ;-)
    • Tammie
      Whew, that's a relief. I was looking at them on my little phone but freaked a little bit when I saw that! Not that I don't condone each person doing what they want to their babies, it just didn't quite look right. Maybe in person it was better. Still sad I wasn't there!
    • 7777.775
      Billet, nice meeting you too, I had a blast.
    • Carnage
      Such awesome pics ! I love it thank you for sharing
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