My 2015 Challenger Hellcat in B5 Blue

FLdiva, Mar 29, 2015
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    • BeBeep
      Gorgeous car!!! Congratulations.
    • 2TONRCKT
      Great good for you. Somebody is a bit more happy today, LOL Great call on the B5 Blue. Anybody know if that is the the same as 2010 blue on the 6.1 srt8's , it was rare and looked hot then and still looks hot today. Be safe and enjoy you butt off...
    • 2TONRCKT
      I was wondering, did you ever think of the satin black hood. Trust me it needs nothing, she's a beauty. Just that blue would be set off extremely bad ass with the matching hood to the spoiler.. Just wondering.. Enjoy and be safe!!!! FYI that's what you do when you don't have 1 yet.. Lmao
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