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Pictures of my car-kid son, and one with him and my daughter. Others of some of my cars. One of my first (no pic) was my Duster 340 4sp, which I tore up the drag strip with when I was a teenager. As you can see my boy has been around this crazy car-hobby all of his life, he loves it too!

Juan-Carlos Escobar, Nov 4, 2014
    • Danimal219
      I'm hoping my daughters will enjoy the speed of the cars n the hobby like u have with ur kids. Great feeling to pass the torch
    • Juan-Carlos Escobar
      Taught my daughter to drive a standard shift in my Ferrari, my boy in my Porsche. By no means am I a multi-millionaire, just bought wisely ; I wish you a lifetime of fun experiences with your daughter! Those will be great memories.... like when my daughter stalled it in a busy intersection! lol
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