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by Michael Accardi at Mar 21, 2017
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The Dodge Demon has been spotted resting after a day of testing in the Colorado mountains.

Thanks to member ArchGE we even have photographic proof! It appears the pair of Demon mules first spotted in Detroit last month have made their way west, alongside what looks like a new Scat Pack Challenger.


We have to hand Dodge big props on its clever use of hiding in plain sight camouflage, more than one outlet has doubted the veracity of the widebody Challengers on the basis of their aftermarket performance stickers.

The timing of these latest photos is perfect, as we're three weeks to the day away from the Demon's official reveal in NYC. Remember, if you see something, say something; we're happy to publish any and all Demon sightings!
by Michael Accardi at Mar 20, 2017
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Hey all, is pleased to announce that we'll be live on location during the Demon's unveiling in New York City on April 11th.

We plan on bringing you videos live on location, plus plenty of pictures and hopefully a few juicy tidbits from the team behind the beast.

FCA was also nice enough to send over five (5) extra tickets to the reveal to distribute among our membership. Moderators will be making the selections, but if you're heading to NYC for the show and want to be considered for a ticket head to New York Auto Show thread to get your name down for consideration. If you're someone who has a deposit down and is able to get to NYC for April 11th we DEFINITELY want to hear from you!
by Michael Accardi at Mar 17, 2017
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No pills means the Demon's no joke.

Dodge let us hear the Demon's torque reserve system, which sucks more air into the engine just before launch. It forces supercharger revs to build without engine revs overpowering available grip.

The "no pill" system works by building boost pressure through a bypass valve that prefills the supercharger; cutting fuel delivery to selected cylinders causes the rattataatattattt sound as it spools up in staging. This is literally the first time something like this has been installed at the factory in a production car.

Rumor has it the Demon was turning 9-second passes in testing, but when Dodge finally starts selling them to people the capability will be dialed back, somewhat for liability, somewhat for reliability. The hardest part will certainly be the first 60 feet, but launch it properly and you could be on your way to cracking 10...
by Michael Accardi at Feb 9, 2017
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As part of this week's teaser video, Dodge slipped another small Easter egg in, our first look at the SRT Demon's widebody fender flares.

It's a dark and brief look, but there's no mistaking the extra inches protruding from the front quarter panels.


It seems the Demon will not get specific widebody sheetmetal, instead it looks like the SRT team will tack on additional fender flares to accommodate the cars squared 315-section rubber.

How do you feel about the Demon's new widebody look? Let us know with your vote!
by Michael Accardi at Feb 9, 2017
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If air is the key to increasing power from the SRT Demon's supercharged HEMI, then you better give it more air...

In this week's video "Forced Induction" Dodge tells us in order to maximize the Demon's performance the SRT team has added the largest cold air intake hood scoop ever installed on a serialized production vehicle. The 45-square-inch "Air Grabber" hood ducts cold air into a significantly larger air box, which, in combination with the flow-thru "Air Catcher" headlamps, conspire to lower the Demon's inlet air temps by 30 degrees compared to the Hellcat.

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