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by Michael Accardi at Feb 9, 2017
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As part of this week's teaser video, Dodge slipped another small Easter egg in, our first look at the SRT Demon's widebody fender flares.

It's a dark and brief look, but there's no mistaking the extra inches protruding from the front quarter panels.


It seems the Demon will not get specific widebody sheetmetal, instead it looks like the SRT team will tack on additional fender flares to accommodate the cars squared 315-section rubber.

How do you feel about the Demon's new widebody look? Let us know with your vote!
by Michael Accardi at Feb 9, 2017
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If air is the key to increasing power from the SRT Demon's supercharged HEMI, then you better give it more air...

In this week's video "Forced Induction" Dodge tells us in order to maximize the Demon's performance the SRT team has added the largest cold air intake hood scoop ever installed on a serialized production vehicle. The 45-square-inch "Air Grabber" hood ducts cold air into a significantly larger air box, which, in combination with the flow-thru "Air Catcher" headlamps, conspire to lower the Demon's inlet air temps by 30 degrees compared to the Hellcat.

by Michael Accardi at Feb 2, 2017
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in and alternately take control of an individual- Physchology Today

The latest Demon teaser starts to narrow our focus without making anything clear. After twenty-two days of rampant speculation all we know is the Demon will lose weight, wear big tires and arrive with a treasure chest to house its multiple personalities.

From a design and engineering standpoint Dodge couldn't decide whether to favor streetability or drag strip capability. Instead of compromising one for the other, you're going to get a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

Earlier this week Dodge deliberately told a small selection of media exactly where and how the Demon would shed more than 200 lbs, which led many to believe SRT's latest would be a gutted, gnarly and purpose-built projectile.

Instead Dodge is selling possibility, unique possibility, first by baking in flexibility, second by giving people the right gear for the gig. The crate will offer owners the capability to seemingly change the car's personality at will with access to a mix of eighteen different parts and tools to rejig the car to favor the road, the strip or something in the middle.

Inside the custom-painted Demon crate owners will find Direct Connection Demon Performance Parts, track tools, spare skinny wheels, and the Demon Track Pack System. Each crate will feature a special plate with the owners name, serial number and cars VIN number.

This car belongs to Tom Coddington, Car No.757 with a VIN of 001121. Since everything in each teaser means something, what is the significance?


Tom Coddington is legendary within the Mopar community, he was one of the original...
by Michael Accardi at Feb 1, 2017
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The past few days have seen updates coming fast and furious (see what I did there) from FCA, with company spokespeople seemingly confirming the SRT Demon will be a stripped out single seat weapon of speed.

We knew the Demon would cut 200 lbs from the Hellcat's 4,439 lb curb weight, but what we didn't know was how. Thanks to Motor Authority we now have a comprehensive list:
  • 4 pounds, manual tilt/telescope steering wheel
  • 2 pounds, removed parking sensors
  • 16 pounds, 18x11-inch aluminum wheels with open lug nuts
  • 18 pounds, removed 23 NVH components
  • 19 pounds, smaller diameter, hollow sway bar
  • 24 pounds, removed all speakers except front door speakers
  • 16 pounds, new aluminum brakes: 2-piece, 4-piston Brembos (went from 390 mm diameter to 360 mm)
  • 55 pounds, removed rear seats
  • 58 pounds, removed front passenger seat
  • 20 pounds, removed trunk lining and spare tire/wheel
If you tally that all up the Demon actually loses 232 lbs to be exact, but throwing away the seats alone is responsible for 113 pounds of weight shavings. All you family oriented folks need not worry, Autoblog claims Dodge will actually sell you back the seats it removes, presumably for a fist full of dollars.

It's believed the Demon actually gained 17 pounds after Dodge widened the track by 3.5-inches and mounted 315-width Nitto NT05R drag radials.

At this point it's becoming quite obvious the Demon will not be a daily driver--at least for anyone deemed sane by a jury of their peers-- but a stripped out, street-legal race car from the FCA factory which will adopt Porsche's "less costs more" money minting strategy.

Check back tomorrow for the next teaser video as we crawl towards the Demon's April 2017 reveal.
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