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by Michael Accardi at May 18, 2017
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UPDATE: Chrysler spokesperson Kristin Starnes says that “there are no plans” to bring a high-performance 300 for North America.

It seems FCA has another little secret up its sleeve.

A Chrysler 300 has been spotted with gargantuan fender flares and P315/40R18 wheels and rubbers that look like they were stolen from an early Dodge Demon mule.

After following the prototype around for a while the spy photographer is positive there's a Hellcat heart lurking under the hood, meaning 700-plus ponies could be coming to Chrysler's LX-platformed sedan, maybe 757 hp if FCA opts for the motor in Dodge Demon guise.


If Chrysler is, in fact, working to Demon-ize the big-body sedan, could we see a return of the 300 SRT to the US market, as it currently only exists in the Middle East?

Sound off below...
by Michael Accardi at Apr 12, 2017
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It's a monster and the NHRA want's nothing to do with it.

So powerful is the 840 horsepower Dodge Demon that the National Hot Rod Association has flat out banned the strip slayer from all NHRA sanctioned drag strips.

Its 9.65-second, 140 mph quarter-mile beat down exceeds the regulatory body's rules regarding OEM production cars. In 2008 the NHRA decided that 9.99-seconds at 135 mph was the fastest a production street car would be allowed to run without special safety equipment and a competition licence.

So if you want to run your Demon at an NHRA strip, you better find a way to make it slower...
by Michael Accardi at Apr 10, 2017
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For Demon fans, Sunday was like sneaking down to the living room in the wee hours of Christmas morning for a quick peek at what lurks beneath the tree.

First, someone leaked a highly polished picture of the Dodge Demon in all its glory, widebody, air grabber hood, and 18-inch wheels wrapped in big thick slicks.

But there was a second, allegedly more substantial leak that happened Sunday afternoon. A dubious source from Instagram is claiming the Demon is a 9-second car out of the box, with the rejigged 6.2L V8 cranking out more than 1000 hp in full race trim.

The monster has finally broken cover. Here are the power figures:

Power Mode 1: 757hp
Power Mode 2: 815hp
Power Mode 3 1023hp

Now the last power Mode is achieved with only the following parameters in place:

1. Race Fuel: 100 octane or better
2. Crate PCM (crate purchased separately from the car for approximately $3,000)
3. Drag Mode Initiated, allowing higher RPM and broader power delivery in this drag mode

Car will break 9s stock and deep into 8s with few modifications just like the Hellcat has dipped into the 9s quite easily.

We'll know for sure tomorrow how true this alleged information actually is, but it certainly looks the part...
by Michael Accardi at Apr 9, 2017
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We know it's 200 lbs lighter thanks to a stripped interior, we know Dodge will provide a second high-octane PCM, we know it's the first production car ever with a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system along with a trans brake and torque reserve system.

Now, we know what the Demon looks like--and it's wholly unsurprising--18-inch alloys wrapped in 315-section pseudo street tires topped by jaunty fender flares and a gargantuan hood scoop that will gobble oxygen at a rather rude rate.

But Dodge knows we don't really care what the car looks like, we want horsepower, we want trap speeds, and most importantly, we want quarter-mile times. Unfortunately, performance parameters will have to wait until Dodge officially pulls the sheet on the Demon next week ahead of the New York Auto Show. and a select few of our membership will be live from New York City next week where we'll bring you pictures, video, and all the information you could hope for about Dodge's factory-built drag racer.
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