2015 Redline Red Hellcat in Nashville @ MSRP

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Purchasing' started by Draggin, Nov 11, 2015.

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    I was just in Nashville to purchase my 2016 Plum Crazy Hellcat and the dealer has a 2015 Redline red M6 car there they will sell for MSRP. If you have not seen this red it looks great it is a slightly dark red with metalic flake in it and really pops. Car has Lauguna leather, Nav, summer tires, and brass monkey wheels. It has been sitting on their Showroom floor and I believe has 6 miles on it. Call Ron @ 615-796-9493 and Tell him Eric sent you.

    Now for a little on my experience. I started my deal Saturday and put down $1k. Due to some trade changes on my end finalized it on Monday bought 2 plane tickets for my wife and I and flew up same day. Ron came and picked us up at the airport and took us to the dealership. I signed the paperwork, that took a little bit longer than we expected but the finance guy was trying to get a specific loan I asked for checked out first. We drove the car back to Houston Monday night and got home yesterday. Worth every second!

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    Grtz on your new HC! I hope it is everything you hoped for, and more! Enjoy!


    PS - Thnx for posting the lead on the Redline HC!

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