For Sale 2016 Hellcat Challenger. Redline, bronze wheels, sepia interior.

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    image.jpeg image.jpeg Vehicle is a Canadian factory order. I ordered this car July 23, 2014. It's finally incoming. I would love to keep it, but have since bought another car and some bikes, and simply do not have the room for this awesome machine.
    I will update this thread as often as possible.

    2016 Challenger Hellcat
    Auto 8 speed
    Redline Pearlcoat
    Bronze Wheels
    Sepia interior

    Sticker is $80,740 plus fees and taxes.

    Selling price is $89,000 CAN, no taxes or fees whatsoever. That's $69,686 US at exchange from today.
    I will purchase the car, and sell it to you, Lien free. I will not register it unless the new buyer would prefer. That way you can take the unused NVIS and do what you wish.
    My email is for questions. Phone number to be given once we know we're not wasting each other's time.

    The car is not landed yet, but has a VIN and should hit build here within the next week. This is a guaranteed build, with a VIN. I do professional Paint Correction and polishing. The buyer of this car will get a full clay, full correction to dampen the orange peel effect, fine polish, professional sealant, and a 3 layer wax package. This process takes me 2 full days and has a value of $2,000. It is the ULTIMATE in exterior detail and protection. I will also include a photo album of the car from the first time I see it, to delivery. Ask me for pictures of the finishes or check out my Instagram @ mv_jesse

    I've made arrangements at the dealership for the landing of the car.
    -initial inspection of the car upon arrival will be done by myself, no drivers aside of myself
    -absolutely no drivers
    -PDI is the inspection portion only, no drives.
    -all interior plastic, steering wheel sock, supercharger plastic etc, will be left on the vehicle along with the window sticker, again no drivers. Unless the buyer wants it removed.
    -PDI detail will be done by myself, professionally, not with the dealership detail bay and a dirty foam brush.

    This price is slightly higher than what you would pay at MSRP at the dealerships, then add the taxes and fees and you're not that far off that cost.
    I will update this thread as I see status changes.
    Any questions can be posted or pm'd.
    I have a couple pictures that show what the car should look like on arrival.

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