2016 PCP Challenger HC Manual

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Purchasing' started by Senderofan, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Just got an email from a local dealer whom I had been in contact with since this past summer. He said they have a PCP order that's being built presently...and it needs a home. When we were in discussions about ordering, he told me they always do MSRP on these...nothing more. Here's what he emailed me in terms of options:

    Plum Crazy Purple
    6 speed manual
    Laguna Black Seats
    z rated tires
    Dual Carbon Stripes
    Power Sunroof
    Block Heater
    I do sell out of state as well.

    JB is a very down to earth guy...easy to talk to. I would have easily dealt with him had I not found my Cat in Michigan. The dealership is in Litchfield, MN.


    Hope this Cat finds a home with one our members.....it deserves a good home :)
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