9 X 20 Reproduction Hellcat Wheels???

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I've been looking into this and found the following interesting information pertaining to the 9.0 X 20 repros:

    1. There are at least 4 different suppliers offering these rims.

    2. One of the suppliers rep told me that he believes they're ALL made at the same manufacturing plant in China. ------- this makes sense because it's ironic that they all happen to be 9.0 X 20 instead of 9.5 X 20, too much of a coincidence that 4 different plants would've all decided to make the rims 9.0 " !!!!

    3. These Reproduction rims were NEVER intended for our Hellcats, they were created for non SRT Challengers and Chargers, in fact OE Wheels and OE Creations both state "they will NOT fit on Hellcats due to interference with the Brembo brakes" !

    I find this interesting because I could sear we have several members who have successfully installed these on their cats??? ---- as you know there's a big difference in the size of the Brembo calipers in the fronts vs the backs. In fact I asked both companies if they'll fit the backs due to the much smaller caliper size, and they both said MAYBE ???

    Anyway I thought I would share this with you guys!
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