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    Wow! I picked her up on June 25th and already have 2100 miles. Break in was of the "drive it like you stole it" variety. I was so worried about all of the power as I've never driven a vehicle with over 400 HP. Let's just say we're meant for one another...seriously ...I love my car. That's so weird for me to say...I've owned plenty of cars but none of them pleased me in quite the same way that she does...

    So far we have done:
    Vanity plates
    Decorative tire stems with the hellcat in sublime
    500 mile oil change
    Crystalline tint ALL of the way around her (even the front windscreen) amazing heat reduction!
    Xpel clear bra
    Tinted reflectors
    Black hood wrap
    Wrapped the yellow splitter protectors in carbon fiber
    C Quartz finest on all surfaces including wheels
    The CAI has been ordered

    Wish list
    Radar/Laser detectection
    Even more of that intoxicating sound...
    Little bit wider tires
    That 120.00 carbon fiber license plate holder with sublime lettering on eBay
    Hellcat headrests
    A tiny bit of accent lighting
    A catch can
    A few billet knobs ;-) to dress up the engine bay

    The first song that came on the xm radio? Burn Rubber by the Gap prophetic was that?
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