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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I was working on an import Hell Cat needed a wire from engine bay to interior you guys put me in the right direction
    Didn't fancy taking the mirror apart was worried plastics might break plus I needed a 15 amp feed
    This will take 30 mins
    So here is my guide for. Switched ignition ( accessory ) feed plus routing
    From engine bay
    Front engine fuse box (passenger side) has 4 fuses you can pickup from use a fuse tap for your cable
    The grommet to the interior is on the bulk head passenger side towards middle of car
    Get a thin long screw driver and gently push and twist like a drill through the grommet it's a thick rubber so offers a strong resistance
    Now do the same with a thicker screwdriver but this time spray some lub on it
    Now you have a decent hole in the grommet I use a piece of thin plastic tube same bore as drink vending machines
    Attatchmennt cabe with tape to plastic tube push through grommet and cable will appear behind glove box
    I removed the glovebox to make things easier
    Behind glovebox is an ECU where you can pickup a permanent 12 volt feed that doesn't shut down on a time out
    Hope this helps someone else
    Thanks guys
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