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Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Performance' started by Badkittycat, Jun 25, 2016.

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    How did you successfully wire in your boost a pump. I'M currently in the low to mid 900's at the tires and the pressure is dropping on spray. I added an MSD BAP as I would to any other Hemi by installing the BAP in series in the DB/OR pump power wire. I know the Hellcat has a built in voltage booster in its control module. So I am supplying the control module with higher voltage. This works great maintaining 80psi with one major problem, at 5900 rpms the voltage to the pump drops and the fuel pressure drops way down into the thirty range. All I can say is thank god for factory widebands. The ecm jacked the fuel trims and kept the Hemi feed. So How are you wiring yours up and do you have a check engine light, because I did. I was actually able to maintain higher pressure with no Bap and get the car in the low 1000 rwhp range on spray. The car does maintain higher pressure with the bap until 5900 when it suddenly just drops pressure. I know many are running BAPs without issues so I would just like to know how you have the unit wired in. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You

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