Design Contest Invites High School Students To Sketch The Next Dodge

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    Design Contest Invites High School Students To Sketch The Next Dodge

    Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition 2014 winning sketch by Alex Fischer.

    Car fans are a notoriously opinionated lot, but very few get to actually work in the industry and have a hand in shaping the vehicles future customers will get to buy. Dodge is offering high school students a chance at a step toward just such a career. It's asking them to design the ultimate Dodge vehicle for 2025, and offering a $60,000 scholarship to the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit to the best one.

    Paid out over four years, the scholarship is the top prize in the Detroit Autorama High School Design Competition 2015. It's open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, and runners up can also win Apple MacBook laptops, a three-week summer session at CCS, and passes to the Autorama—one of the country's oldest and most prestigious custom car shows.

    Participants pretty much have free reign. Entries can have any bodystyle and feature any futuristic elements deemed appropriate, as long as they meet certain criteria for presentation and are submitted by January 23, 2015. Dodge is also asking student designers to "sell" their concepts with a 500-word summary.

    The designs will be judged by a panel that includes SRT and Mopar design chief Mark Trostle, who won this very contest in 1988.

    So if you're a high school student considering a career in automotive design, or know someone who is, head over to the contest's Facebook page for a complete list of rules and prizes. Gentleman and ladies, sharpen your pencils.
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