Digital Laser IR Thermo Gun? Got one?

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Performance' started by VanishingPoint, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Digital Laser IR Thermo Gun? Got one?

    Can you 'Bros do me a favor? I found something very interesting, and just want to make sure it isn't "disturbing..."

    Take your cat for a nice ride with the air on, cruise till it gets hot. Pull into your driveway, and with the hood closed laser the driver and pax opening in the hood.

    I am seeing a 10+/- degree higher heat across the board on the passenger side, including on the cylinder valve covers (with the plastic covers off) in several places, even down to the supercharger side (driver side has less heat than pax side on the top).

    I am wondering if this event has ot do with the A.C or not, or indicative that one side is leaner than the other.

    Could it be the air intake discharges cooler air (over flow into the engine bay)? Though bare in mind the car was stopped and running in the driveway for a full five minutes...

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