Drive slow in the rain folks

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    After leaving Lebanon Valley NY Musclepalooza this weekend I saw something you never want to see. I was driving my Challenger Hellcat on the local roads to the highway. There was a Caravan of show and race cars in front of me. I stopped for Gas before getting on the highway. After heading east and after the Mass pike toll both it looked like rain in the Berkshire mountains. Luckily I put rain ex on my windshield the night before. I saw a few drops of rain then BAM. It was like when you are at the beach and a giant wave smashes over your head. I am talking biblical rain! Lucky I had the rain ex because I could not get the wipers on quick as I had never driven this car in the rain so it took s few seconds to find them. All other cars and trucks had pulled over and stopped. There was even a group of bikers stopped getting drenched.. I was able to keep moving slow. I caught up to the caravan of show/race cars all pulled over. In the ditch in the median was an 80's Chev Malibu race car. The boxy ones that all got turned into drag cars. It had huge cheater type slicks on the back and he was spinning them like crazy trying to climb the steep embankment. It did not look like there was any metal damage to the car. My guess is he had to drive into the ditch when someone in front of him stopped because of the rain. It looks like he avoided the car and the guardrail at the bottom of the ditch. Not sure how he got out but my brother came through there an hour later and it was gone. This is why I never drive my nice cars in the rain on purpose but sometimes it can't be avoided. Be careful out there and don't caravan. Caravans are for camels.
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