Filling In A Hellcat Chip (Photo By Photo Progress)

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    (Note: I'm not a pro detailer or body shop/painter, Just a regular car guy)

    So while doing some "Inspired driving" i got dinged by a rock or something, it's been a couple of weeks since the chip but I figured I might as well get it taken care of and bought an OEM Touch up pen a few days after that chip. I used it and all i could make it do is put a light layer on the chip giving the chip color but not filling it. The paint was too thick to play with or prevent a bubble that i'd have to sand down. I was happy with it for now just to get rid of that black mark (the chip was down to the black bumper)

    Dr. Colorchip I've used before on my other SRT Challenger and I figured i'd take another crack at it. I ordered in and had it delivered to my house in two days so i could do it over the weekend. The album linked below shows each fill step. All i did was blot some of the paint down with the supplied brush next to the chip, then using the supplied glove pushed the paint over and into the chip. Let it dry for a few minutes then using the solvent lightly pushing the cloth over the chip to remove excess paint around the chip.

    The paint is much thinner and dries faster, the solvent makes any mistakes very forgiving and lets you take your time and practice.

    After a few fillings the paint put into the chip started coming out, so i waited a bit longer and longer on each fill. At this point where it is now it is nearly completely filled and It's at the dealership for warranty work, when i get it back I'll finish it off then have my detail shop buff it a little to make it look 100%. In the album you can see each layer as it begins to get more and more filled.

    Filling In Hellcat Chip - Album on Imgur

    For those who don't want to see the layers i did, heres the before with just the light OEM touch up pen applied


    Then after filling it with Dr. Colorchip


    The chip is just lightly below the actual paint now, It got to the point where it was 3AM and i had work in 6 hours and the car had to be at the dealer for warranty work by 8AM so i called it a night. The light you see was an LED work light i got from a local micro center for like 20 bucks which let me make sure i got excess paint off and the chip was actually being filled. Compared to the crater that existed before, i already am happy.

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