Friday Was Indeed A Good Day!

Discussion in 'Dodge Charger SRT 392' started by HiHoAg, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Charger SRT 392
    I ordered my SRT 392 about 3 weeks ago and it immediately went BG due to lack of Tranny. As the 15 build dates were running out and the 16's were inevitably coming in I stayed on my dealer for info and no change in status for better than two weeks. Continuous checking on line and I found a fully loaded, Granite Crystal instead of Silver, same as my current, (a few more options than I had ordered) SRT that had just come into a dealer about 60 miles away. My dealer contacted Dodge, who urged to cancel and re-order late August (2016) due to the Tranny issue so I ran over and bought the other one Friday night! Got my deposit back the next day from the first order.

    I posted last week that the sound system would be the first upgrade and had a couple of replies, been a few days since I've been on. Let me add that one of the options I did not order on my factor order was the HK system, it is however in the SRT I now have.

    Let me caveat this by saying when I first went to the dealer to order my SRT the sales manager sat in my R/T and listened to the sound system in it (Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away) ;) he said, you will not be impressed with the system in the SRT. He was correct, I do however have an HK sound bar -sub which cost $800.00 under my TV which sounds great, but mostly one doesn't have to isolate there living room from a throaty HEMI, road noise, fire trucks and all the other misc.

    So. for the those that have been asking and certainly no offense to those that like the HK system, mine is going into a friends shop hopefully next week that has been building my sound systems for over twenty years.

    First up:
    3m window tint - Looks hot feels cool.
    Radar detector, with a few extra trimmings :)
    Front and rear mounted dash cam -undecided on brand
    Alarm system(s)

    Sound and still in the staging phase but so far:
    3-Mosconi D2 100.4 DSP Wins
    1-Mosconi Zero 4
    2- Morel Elate Ti 603 3way
    1- Morel Supremo 2 Way
    3- 13" JBL Audio Subs

    Cheers, Lovin life with my new SRT!
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    Charger SRT 392
    What alarm system & radar detector did you buy?

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