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    So I have my Hellcat now since September 4th and I am loving it of course. One of the things I like to do on weekends is look for car shows and take it to them. I have not bumped into another HC at a show yet and i have been to like 7 or 8 so far so I am feeling pretty special. So I am driving home from the casino in CT where they had a car show, it is Sunday and traffic is pretty heavy on I-95 going south so I am just cruising along minding my own. I see a bright red Chevy Impala SS and I am like thinking to myself, that car looks nice but I do not have to prove anything by racing it and blowing it away so I just give him a thumbs up and he does back and we are just chillin' moving along and I let him get way up ahead. All of sudden I see something bright white, wide and really low to the ground coming up towards me from behind.. It is brand new Corvette and with the stance it had I knew this thing had to be a new Z06. So I am like, "Okay here we go,.... something is going to happen here." Traffic is still way to congested for any type of real race but I get a bit of break in it and I click down a couple times on the A8 and I mat it. I start to go and after making my away around a semi that was in the slow lane I see him also getting on it and we are flying along but i notice him gaining on me ever so slightly, he is kind of reeling me in. BUT not quite like he could get close and he could not pass me on the right. I kind of held him at bay. Then we catch up to a bunch of cars and we stop the shenanigans. I realized that I did not probably downshift enough times since I was in 8th and only dropped it to 6th or so, SO my pull was not as efficient as it could of been but despite that he definitely barely caught up. The funny part is that after I slow down and let him pull along side my HC the guy has got his camera out, window down, and he is taking pictures of my car and he rolls and is like , "Dude, that is the nicest, sickest car, etc. etc." or something to that effect and I am thinking to myself here is a guy in a brand new Z06 complimenting my car!!!!. LOL I gave him a gracious thank you and returned the compliment about his car and we make all nice nice. Then there is another huge break in the traffic ahead as we both slowed down do chat a bit at about 50 MPH. This time I downshift to like 2nd gear and release the hounds. The car just goes and I look back and he is either still taking pictures or wants no part of it. When he finally comes back up to me I get the thumbs up and I let him roll on by. When he gets up ahead I see the red Impala SS or whatever it is and the Z06 just attacks it, this guy and chases the impala off the highway running over the blend line and that triangle area you see at highway exits. I cringe as I can imagine the rocks and stones his tires must be flinging up on the sides of his Vette, OUCH!!! Anyway I just though wow, I feel pretty good today and that was a funny experience.

    Disclaimer; no animals or persons were harmed during this live fire event and everyone went home safe and sound. At all times was the general public in no way in ANY danger.
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