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    I absolutely love my cat. I have a billet silver cat with heat reflecting tint (AZ) and clear bra applied to the entire front. I swapped the tires for Michelin Supersports 295 rears and 275 fronts which actually hook up great for only being a 295. I am always looking on the site and wondering driving around what i could do to make the experience even better. I paid for the biggest warranty available and don't want to void that, but i am interested in changing the exhaust system and possibly the air intake to make the cat scream just a little more. Obviously i have seen the thousand posts abut swapping the air intake but i haven't read a whole lot about people doing headers or exhaust other than being a companies guinea pig. The answer may be to wait until companies have battle tested a product and feel comfortable openly marketing it, but in the meantime I'm open to hearing suggestions.

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