Hellcat "Air Catcher" Headlamp Article

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    A good article:
    Air Catcher headlamp feeds 2015 Challenger SRT's Hellcat V8 - SAE International


    And a couple of snippets:

    Chris Cowland, Director of SRT Powertrain Engineering, estimates the Air Catcher provides a single-digit horsepower bump to the new Challenger SRT Hellcat’s V8.

    “The hole in the headlight was actually put there because we required a certain amount of pressure drop across the intake system to generate 707 hp,” Cowland told AE. “Certainly if we took that away and we increased that pressure drop across the intake system, we would lose horsepower. We’ve never measured it by blocking it off or taking it away, but it could well be seven horsepower.” A second inlet point is located underneath the airbox.
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