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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    My three goals were to get a Blown Hemi Challenger, in 2014, in Sublime Lime with AAR stripes. I needed a miracle, so here is one.
    1. I ordered a green auto on Nov 5 2014. MSRP 63,680. Tried to get a 2014 build car to qualify for the 100th anniversary build.

    2. Waited until May 5 2015 and was told “no more autos for 2015”. They said my order was pushed to 2016.

    3. Screw that, so on to ebay and paying a premium.

    4. Bought a 2015 green auto with a Sept 23, 2014 build date for 72,000.

    5. Thought I paid 8K high, but got a collector car.

    6. I told the salesman that I got a car, so cancel my order.

    7. Now the miracle!

    8. August 18, I get an email from dealer that “my car” will be in between 8/19 and 25. wtf?

    9. I asked if it is a 2015 and they said yes.

    10. I told the wife I was going to buy the second car at MSRP of 63,680.

    11. What, she says?

    12. I’ll put it on ebay for 72k and get the 8k I overpaid , back when it sells.

    13. She says, how long will that take? I said maybe a week or two.

    14. I put the car on ebay “buy it now for 72k” on Thursday night 8/18.

    15. Friday afternoon 8/19, I had 3 offers.

    16. Friday evening,it sold for 72k.

    17. Went to the bank 1000 in the morning 8/20, car came in at 1200 8/20.

    18. The new owner met me at the dealership. I gave them my check and I got his check. Done. The money was back in the bank on Monday.

    19. I found out that the salesman got fired and didn’t cancel the order, so he could get some money for taking the “sold” order when he got fired.

    20. So I wound up with #108 Hellcat, green, auto, 2014 build for MSRP.

    21. The reason the guy bought my car is because he outweighed me by about 100 lbs, and couldn’t fit in a Z06 corvette, so he wanted the hottest car he could fit in, hence the Dodge Hellcat.

    22. God is alive and loves hot cars.
    Miracles do happen.
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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I was asked to switch to a M6 about May or likely it would until a 2016 that I get the A8 I ordered. I said no and like you my A8 was built 8/25. If they ever ship it I will have it. I was not told no more A8s for 2015, I was told likely I would not get a 2015 A8 but my salesman said I would not rule it out - I guess he was right.

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