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    Good morning Hellcat Owners and members waiting on their deliveries.

    The people waiting on delivery of their Hellcats are welcome. I know some have waited a very long time for their cars. I really hate this. I know some had big problems getting their Hellcat. You are Welcome nobody will get left out of this Great Hellcat.Org Car Club if you have or are getting a Hellcat.

    I know we have many Hellcats across the Country and across the world.

    We have had many people in the Forum for a long time. I also know many have visited the forum for months and did not join the Forum because they did not have their Hellcat. I was one of those people. I kind of felt that if I did not have my Hellcat yet I would not be able to be involved as I really wanted to be.
    Please join the Forum don't be left out by thinking this. You are all welcome if you are wanting a Hellcat or SRT or anybody just interested in learning about any of SRT Cars.

    I am asking the Forum members from any Country, City or State to come together and help everybody that is interested in being a part of this great Car Club to come together.

    We have many Forum members that have been a part of this Forum for a long time. I would hope these members would come together and help start forming the Car Club.

    We will be getting Officers in the States and City's across the World set up to help form and be a contact person in your Country, State or City. The Forum members that have been on this sight and have been active on the Forum should step up and help form this Car Club.

    We will have a new Logo for the Club Shirts soon. We are working fast on this. We know some don't like the original one. The new one should be liked by most.This is what many said that they wanted and we trying to please every body.

    I would like for members to contact me or any Club member to help you.
    We need contact people for anybody interested in the Car Club. Members need to reach out to help them form Chapters/ Clubs. Forum members need to step up and let us know if you are interested in a Officer position. We do not want to leave any body out all you have to do is let us know that you are interested in a position to help with the Hellcat.Org Car Club. Anybody interested in helping just contact us please step up to the plate and help.

    Sorry this is long I just wanted every body to be fully informed about this. I will work with anybody to help with this Car Club.

    Thanks National President ,

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