Hellcat Headquarters Issue Resolved

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat General Discussions' started by terryturner, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Just wanted to update everyone with my issue as I know others have been having problems as well. I noticed all their threads have been deleted now so I don't know what's going on there, but I just figured I would give some of you hope that they are working on it. My issue was that I bought a mens/unisex small hoodie for my wife but it turned out to be too big. I contacted them and told them I would be returning it. Thought all was good until they didn't accept the package and I got it back a few days later. I thought maybe I sent to their old address so I emailed them when I got it back and called them like a week later. No word from them until yesterday (about a month later) they emailed me and then called me this morning. Turns out that I sent it to the right address and he was not sure why it was refused. Money has been refunded already and they are sending out a package with return label and also a "care package." I'm glad they're getting caught up and I hope everyone else gets taken care of soon too.
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