I heard Hellcats can't Lauch on Woodward Ave in Michiagan today?

Discussion in 'Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat' started by DaddyBarlow, Aug 12, 2015.

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    I was on Woodward on Sunday during the afternoon. and last night (Tuesday).

    I heard a number of the Hellcat guys were having hard time launching on the road, and basically were losing the race at the light, before the race started.

    I had my z06 C6 Black Lingenfelter out and saw only 2 Hellcats out there, neither wouldn run me at alll.... The first guy was a little sad to see he was a small older looking guy (about 85 years old) and was driving it very slow....he completely re-fused to even look over at me.

    The other guy had a show car, he was in is in his late to mid-50's. He probably never even go over 75moh with it.

    Who's coming down tonight to the pre-criuse event. I'm just wondering if they will even be any Hellcats or not. I know my vette pretty good. I'll be near the Shell Station, pm me if you want to meet up tonight (Wed night)

    My zo6 is not a torque monster.....it's all motor.

    I also have a Jazz Blue Challenger Hellcat, but I don't trust anybody driving it.

    PM me if you want to meet up..,,
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