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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Hello guys:

    My name is STEFANO. Im not a car salesman, nor do i work for a dealership. I'm just a big hellcat fan.
    I had a 2012 SRT8 6 speed and absolutely fell in love with the car.

    After many moths of searching and lots of investigative work I pretty much aware of all allocations and existing Hellcats within the Montreal area.

    There are presently 2 hellcats ( Brand new) at DES SOURCES DODGE in the west island of Montreal.

    1) 2015 Black, sunroof, Laguna Black
    2) 2015, White, sunroof, Laguna Black

    Price: The dealer was cocky and greedy in the later summer and fall. Now that the winter weather is here for the forseable future he has brought his price down to MRSP. ( I Guess if you have cash in hand he would go lower).

    Des Sources Dodge
    3400 boul. des Sources,


    There is another Hellcat Charger in Black with Laguna Black and sunroof for sale at Desmeules Dodge in Laval. ( 20 mins from Montreal)

    He is asking MRSP and is negotiable.

    Desmeules Chrysler
    1 866 669-4517
    3500, autoroute Laval Ouest (440)
    Laval (Qu├ębec) H7T 2H6

    As for challengers there are no Brand new in stock challengers that I am aware of. There are several used one but I wont post them. No reason to do that. Im not doing this for advertisement, I just trying to get Hellcat fans in touch with cars because the VON process can be so long and unfair.

    All I know is that the only Dealer with genuine 2016 allocations ( non 2015 turned into 2016) is Lasalle Chrysler.
    They have 4 for 2016 every second month. Well now they only have 3 because I have bought their first one. (D status to be delivered in mid march. )They also have 4 charger allocations. Their first charger is coming in this spring as it to is in D status. All other dealers can not get you a car in quebec. They will be in VON hell.


    7315, boul. Newman , LaSalle ,Quebec , H8N 2K3
    1 855-363-2886

    hoping this info helps
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