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    I meet two fellow forum members at our local Cars and Coffee this morning. Both were GREAT GUYS! I hope to meet more of the members of this forum in person and soon.

    They were in Jason's beautiful BLACK Charger Hellcat. I've been looking forward to actually seeing one of the Charger cats in person and finally had the opportunity, it didn't disappoint. I must say that these two guys were surprisingly modest. I asked several questions about the Charger and found out that this car is knocking on 800 rear wheel HP on pump gas and makes 900 "on the money" with race fuel, race tune and a smaller blower pulley. The car also ran some crazy quick numbers at this year's Challenger Fest. I had to ask for a photo of the time slip to show some of my buddies.

    I hope to get some video from Jason or Leon of the car and I'm looking forward to seeing Leon's Challenger Hellcat (after the new clutch is installed). Jason and or Leon, if you are reading this post, please post up some
    videos of your two cars? Or send them to me if you don't mind for me posting them (provided I can figure out
    how to post them).

    All in all, today's Cars and Coffee was lots of fun and meeting these two guys and getting to finally see a Charger Hellcat in person was a great experience. I must add that the car sounded incredible!!

    Jason was 111 on the below time slip. He and Leon both said that I missed a great event with lots of very nice folks from this forum.
    Jason Epling Timeslip.jpg

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