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    Challenger SRT Hellcat

    Ladies and gentlemen it has been literally months in the making and the time has finally arrived! Let us introduce you to the official Car Club! The Hellcat car club will be the largest and most exclusive SRT Hellcat car club in the world. By joining the Official Car Club you are joining a brotherhood like no other. Membership is limited to owners of SRT Hellcat vehicles ONLY...exclusivity is the name of the game. CLICK TO JOIN

    In addition, car club members are encouraged to start their own local chapters and draft their own by-laws thus raising awareness in the automotive world that the Hellcat's are taking over the world one city street at a time. We've left enough space at the bottom of the logo for the use of a lower rocker (with location or "title") if you so desire. Your chapter, your protocols! CLICK TO JOIN

    In 2016 we expect to host the 1st Annual SRT Hellcat meet right here in Austin, Texas which will be open to any and all Hellcat owners. Logistically we hope to group all the Car Club members in the prime spots to show unity, so let us know if this is something you'd like to see happen. So what do you get when you become a Hellcat Car Club member? Lets take a look:
    • Unique badging under your username designating Car Club status
    • Exclusive access to Shoutbox online LIVE chat room
    • Exclusive access to the PRIVATE car club forums. Area is more loosely moderated
    • Ability to start local official car club chapters with own by laws and fee's
    • Custom embroidered high quality Car Club shirt to fly your 'colors' proudly.***Note: One (1) shirt takes 17 hours to embroider so please allow 3-4 weeks for shirt delivery
    • Two custom car club decals (5"x4.25")
    • Maximum of thirty-five (35) conversation/private message recipients
    • Time limit to edit your posts goes from ninety (90) minutes to unlimited!
    • Ability to add/edit your own custom title under your username
    • Unlimited time to edit your conversations/private messages that YOU start.
    • Unlimited time to edit your comments in conversations/private messages
    • Larger signatures
    Hellcat Headquarters was instrumental in introducing us to the best embroiderer in New York city and getting us the high quality Dickies and Red Kap shirts that we used to embroider the logo on. The stitch count (double of other embroidery work) and detail of the logo is astronomical. Thank you Hellcat HQ for the awesome package you helped put together! CLICK TO JOIN





    Head on over to our upgrade page and join the Official Car Club today!! <<click here
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