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    Hello Hellcat friends,

    Backstory: We started a precedence with our eldest and now it has become custom for each child after they turn 18 and graduate high school and before leaving for college, the child and their father go on a trip together involving something they are interested in. Our youngest is turning 18 in April and graduating and he is a total car guy. He does a lot of hands on mods to his Hyundai Gen Coupe - from air intakes, innercoolers, catback exhaust, and other things I don't know the names of. He appreciate a lot of types of cars from old models, exotics, muscle and luxury.
    I am looking for an all around experience or things to do together that is car related. I have looked into Speedvegas.com and that would be pretty cool. He loves the GT-R, 548 Italia and a few others. Neat track, pay by the lap. But that is just one day. And a big chunk of the budget to do other things.
    I found the Monterrey Car week August 11-15 and that is pushing it, due to him moving into his college dorm on August 19. Between all of the free events, being selective on what paid events they attended, and I have found a handful of hotels under 200 a night, we might be able to put together a pretty good package of fun. But I'd like to find other options, even though this sounds pretty cool.

    Any other car event you know of that happen in the summertime or things to do that are not just one day?


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