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    Afternoon everyone.

    Always we thank you for your support.

    We have been shipping a lot of Hellcat Catch Cans and under hood items here the last 10 days or so and have a bunch more on deck getting ready to be engraved.

    We also have a Fresh Manufacturing Update live on our website now: Manufacturing Update October 13th, 2015 | Billet Technology

    Please take a look at that to see the latest and greatest on stock status or ETA's on when something will be run again. We keep the availabity of each product updated once per week so you can be sure that in between a written MFG Update or whats happening at the shop that when you click the product it will have the most recent information on stock.

    All Hellcat items can be found right here on our website and we have several new products in the pipe right now getting ready for release here shortly:
    Hellcat Challenger/Charger

    We also have several of our staff on the way to Houston Texas today for Lonestar Moparfest. This is an event that Team BT has been involved with going way back to 2007 when it was just a gathering of less than a dozen cars and the Challenger was not part of the family yet. Today that event has evolved into multi day fun filled weekend with the Hertigage Lunch at the Hemi Hideout on Friday and then the big day of show and racing on Saturday. Learn a bit about Lonestar Moparfest right here and take advantage of our 20% coupon code thru October 17th:
    Lonestar MoparFest 2015 and 20% off | Billet Technology

    Our shop remains open while members of Team BT travel to Houston and we are here to assist you as needed. Parts are shipping daily.

    Please be sure to add to your email contacts. We are sending status updates daily and you can also email in to us at that email for details on where your order may be at in the manufacturing process.

    Due to the volume of customs as well as our private label business on catch cans we do keep our stock in blanks and send parts out to finish several times per week and for the most part remain on our lead-time (only during our busy seasons and upon new product launch will we go out). Once more we understand that may not be for everyone, and we thank you always for considering our brand. Feel free to email us to with your questions or give us a call 561-582-6171 or toll free USA 866-747-1684.

    Finally we always come to the people since the very day we started the brand back in 2006 with any issues or concerns. We used to do this in the form of "forum" postings now we use our website in conjunction with that to communciate with you.

    Next week we will be start a feature on our site about whats happening at Billet Tech and provide a link to you to check that out on a semi weekly. This will be an information section seperate from the Manufacturing Updates and keep everyone in the loop concerning events happening at our facilty be and any questions you may have. The first posting is nearly completed and we will have it live by Wednesday. Transparent communciation is key and we always answer your questions on any subject matter you may have.

    As always we appreciate your support and trust. Please free to reach out to us if we can assist you. Contact Billet Technology | Billet Technology

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