Meet The Man That Modified The Cars For 'Furious 7': Video

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    By now you’ve almost certainly seen the first trailer for Furious 7 in which a number of the cars[​IMG] starring in the new movie were teased. Now you can meet the man who helped build many of them, Dennis McCarthy of California’s Vehicle Effects.

    The guys from Mighty Car Mods were recently down in L.A. for the launch of theFurious 7 trailer, where they were able to meet up with some of the stars as well as the movie's director. However, the most exciting part of the clip is when the guys visit McCarthy’s workshop, starting at the 11:42 mark.

    McCarthy shows some of the cars appearing in the movie including an Aston Martin DB9, a handful of classic Dodge Chargers, a couple of Nissan GT-Rs, and a Subaru WRX STI. He explains that he and his crew usually have to build several examples of each car[​IMG] and that often he installs a standardized powertrain in each: a V-8 crate engine sourced from General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] and rated at 500 horsepower.

    One of McCarthy’s favorites is a classic Charger used by Vin Diesel’s character Dom. It’s been modified for off-road use and can be seen in the trailer dropping from a plane. Unfortunately all the Chargers used were damaged during filming, but McCarthy plans to restore one of them.

    Furious 7 hits cinemas nationwide April 3, 2015.

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