Minnesota/Wisconsin - 4/23 Rock Falls, WI (Cats, 392's, Snakes, Coyotes...)

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    Charger SRT 392

    Hope all is well and the post is not out of line! I am trying to get a "crew" together with modern muscle and performance cars for Saturday, April 23rd at Rock Falls Raceway in Eau Claire, WI for an open track day. I haven't been here in number of years but my experience it is a great track (very sticky and good launches and as a fellow drag racer said "whatever you put down here (pointing at the starting line) you can add up there" (looking at the MPH/Trap)!

    I don't have a SRT (I had to fib to register) but hopefully will be well received on this forum. I have a 2006 Mercedes E55 (Pulley/Tune/ECU) and hoping to break 12. My previous E55 ran a 12.1 bone stock @ 116 (I know, slow to some of you) but the point is I was 3+ tenths faster than the "books". My sense is if the weather is right and the traction is there some "Cat's" will go low 11's and the 392's will break into the 11's.

    I believe I have recruits with a GT500 (2011 with mods) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 with a supercharger.

    I am going to be posting the same material on the GT500, ZL1, Corvette, BMW, and Audi Forums.

    PM me with questions and we can exchange #'s for planning purposes. I have the same handle on mbworld.org...

    Thanks and hopefully some of you can make it out! It is a great time and LEGAL!

    Thank you!

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