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    Ok everyone knows I am not big on BS, selling the wrong product just to make a sale, marketing tricks, etc. etc. Especially this time of year with all the hype about black Friday when everyone buys things they do not need because it is a deal. You know that may be OK for a pot and pan set or another $299 flat screen, but when it comes to important mods for your car it is just plain wrong for many reasons.

    1) No one should compromise a mod based on a sale price of a package available
    2) This is the wrong time of year to make those purchases during the holidays
    3) Don’t buy a mod to save $500 only to pay interest on a credit card till tax return time

    If there was only a way to make that commitment to savings now but not be forced into a Marketing BS deadline. Better yet if my wife could make the purchase towards a car mod and not break the bank.

    In the past we have tried layaway and other things to help people think about starting their builds before tax time.
    OK with a little creative thinking here is the answer.

    A $100 Xtreme discount club card each
    Redeemable after January 1st 2016

    You or your spouse pay for a $100 gift card today and put it under the tree.
    Then when timing is right and tax refunds are calculated you use your card or cards for your build at a discount level appropriate for the mod.

    • $100 towards any purchase on our site.
    • $200 towards any long tubes and mid pipe kit.
    • $200 towards any DSS purchase.
    • $200 towards any Paramount Performance Product.
    • $400 towards and Modern Muscle CNC Head and Cam Packages.
    • $500 towards any Complete Supercharger kit.
    • $500 towards 392 Factory Crate Engines

    See link for details:…

    If you purchase 4 cards and buy a Crate engineSupercharger – CNC head/cam package and long tubes
    Discount = $1600.00

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