Mopar lowering springs questions

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Appearance' started by IndyHellcat, Nov 18, 2015.

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    So I ordered the Mopar lowering springs to install on my cat, took it in today to be installed at a local place and was told these wouldn't work with the hellcats adaptive dampening system and that ride quality would suffer and fail. I bought these springs via speedlogix and they have been great in telling me what's what with these. I know some of you have installed these on your cats and even Ralph Gilles, so why am I getting flack from the installer and plus three dealerships I called about getting them installed as well? One even claimed after I gave them part numbers that Mopar doesn't even offer them?!!? I'm like wtf is going on here it's just the springs that'll be substituted! Am I just supposed to live with their claims of the lowering springs affecting the adaptive system or is everyone full of s**t and it's not going to affect the system at all? Most of you have said there is no difference so I'm not sure what I'm missing??

    Appreciate any feedback you lowered cats might have.


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