Mounted my front Mopar mud guards

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Appearance' started by SRT_HC_707, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I only mounted the fronts... It was getting late and I had other stuff to do before going to bed.

    I'm not saying this is the best/only way to do it just sharing what I did.

    First, the lower inner fastener is a plastic push clip. The instructions say to remove and discard the push clip and replace with a screw and metal speed nut that comes in the package. I tried it both ways and I actually reused the plastic push clip instead of the screw/nut.

    I didn't drill the top hole. DrBuick said you don't need it and I agree. In my case I added a piece of 3M VHB tape to the fender to help secure the mudflap a little more. I cleaned the edge of the fender with some isopropyl alcohol and I also cleaned the mating surface on the plastic mudflap.

    After it was installed I put a dab of black RTV silicone in the unused screw hole (so it doesn't fill up with dirt and debris).

    You should be able to do the fronts with the wheels on the car if you want. Just turn the wheel to the side you are working on (right for right and left for left) to give you more clearance to get to the screws and fasteners.

    Rears to get mounted tonight if I have time after work.


    I didn't put the RTV in the top hole yet...

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