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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I've posted in another thread, but thought I'd start one so people can see the kind of info I was looking for before I bought the tires. Just a disclaimer before proceeding; I am in no way an expert. I'm just a guy who bought tires, and am now sharing my thoughts. I still have stock tires on the front but plan on replacing them with 275 40/20 g2's now that I know how the rears perform.

    I was initially worried about both the speed rating and the fit.

    The fit is great. The tire fills the wheel well nicely while adding almost an inch of traction. It's looks slightly larger and more aggressive than the pzeros. I have read a few posts about rubbing, but I have not experienced any. They stick out more than the stock tires, but by much. There does seem to be some aditional road noise. It is only slightly more than stock, and cannot be heard over the exhaust. I went with the 295 vs 305 as the .5" difference in recommended rim size seemed more acceptable that a 1" difference on a car of this power.

    The speed is slightly more complicated.

    I mounted these tires Thursday, and took them to the track Friday morning with just under 200kms (125mi) on them. The road course was first up. The track is 2.7kms long(1.7mi) with 14 turns. My top speed on the longest stretch was 170kph (105mph) My fastest pass was 1min 45 seconds. I did 4 sessions at 20 mins per session.I ran the tires at 32 psi. They gained 7 pounds when hot.

    The tires held up extremely well. I am a very novice track driver and only managed to break the rear loose twice. Both times a slight counter steer and some throttle control brought the car back to strait. They did a fantastic job as well given the immense weight of the car, and did not seem to lose much if any performance with heat.

    Next was the strip. The only thing to note here is the elevation, 2350ft asl. This is where the question of speed came in. I did 5 passes in total. I initially ran the tires at 28 psi then dropped to 24 psi for 2 runs then back to 28 psi for the last 2. I will post my time slips so you can judge for yourself. To me it looks like the lower pressure made me faster for the first 1/8 mile, but made me slower on the second half of the track. I don't know if the speed loss trade off happens with all tires, or just the g2s specifically. The tires again held well. Unfortunately given the time of year I was unable to time the old tires at the strip. I do think the g2s hold better than the pzeros did, once heated correctly.

    Overall I am happy with the nt555 g2, and the 295 40/20 sizing. I felt much more confident with them than the pzeros. The stability and performance are worth the change. I will be adding nt555 g2 steer tires in the coming weeks.
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