NJ Hellcats and drs

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    Got information reguarding the use of drag radials on our cars. NHRA allows it up to 10.00. That is as per the division director. BUT, NJSP do NOT.

    As for the upgraded driveshaft. NHRA considers that a mod and is a big Negative.

    NHRA allows a tune cause they can not prove that it is or isn't there.

    So recap NHRA allows drs, NJSP don't so no go on drs in NJ as per the law.

    Drive shaft is a big NO as pwr NHRA so not allowed.

    Tune is ok due to not being able to prove it is tuned.

    You are welcome. So really it is upto the track in NJ and if their NJSP officer decides to kick ya.

    Be safe my friends.

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