Not All 315's (or 295's, 275's, etc.) Are Created Equal

Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Wheels and Tires' started by MaxxMuscle, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Found this on another forum when looking at different tire sizes.Really good info.

    After doing a ton of research on various car forums, I started noticing that some 315's worked okay on narrow 9" wide stock wheels and some other 315's bumped into the interior wheel wells while still poking out of the fender. Check out the huge difference between tire[​IMG] widths between those labeled the same size...

    Tire widths gathered from forums around the web[​IMG] (comments assume proper offset on the wheels they're mounted on)...

    Goodyear 275's 10.5" wide
    Vred "315's" 10.9" wide (smaller than 295 but possibly would measure bigger on a wheel wider than 10"?)
    Nitto Invo 315's 12.4"
    Goodyear/ BF Goodrich 285's 11.75" (approx)
    Michelin Super Sport 295's 12.6"+ (massive width for a "295")
    Toyo Proxes ST 315's 12.1"
    Yokohama Advans 295 12.2"
    Dunlop 315's 12.25" (approx)
    Bridgestone Potenza 305's 12.32" (when mounted on an 11" wide wheel)
    Continental Extreme Contact 315/35/20 (approx. 12.6" - whatever the actual width of this Conti is, it seems to just about max out the stock wheel well down to the mm while avoiding poke or rubbing on a 10" wheel)
    Pirelli PZero 305's 12.6"+ (approx. , Somewhere around this threshold in width you probably run out of wheel well on a stock ride height LX without having suspension/ interior side contact or poking beyond flush with the fender?)
    Michelin Pilot[​IMG] PS2 295's 12.6" (approx)
    Pirelli PZero 315's 12.9+"
    Yokahama Advan Sports 305's 12.9" (approx)
    Michelin Pilot PS2 305's 13" (on a 11.5" wide 19" CCW wheel)
    Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 305's 13.1" (unmounted)
    BF Goodrich KD's 315's 13" (approx)
    Toyo Proxes R888 315's 13.0"
    Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 315's 13.5" (approx)
    Michelin Super Sport 315's 13.5"+ (LX's at stock height & proper offset will still have interior side contact and considerable excessive poke with this width of tire)

    Like a lot of folks I got caught up wanting 315's on my car[​IMG] to get some extra beef out back. I would have ended up with wider and much lighter tires out back by going to 295 Michelin Super Sports. Don't let the number fool you, actual tire width and weight, not quoted size, is what matters.

    The page was done on 04/13 ,so they may have new tires on the market.
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    The actual measured tire size can have production variation of 3-5% from the size given. Generally speaking the high end tire manufacturers get closer to the actual given size than the cheap or off brand tires. Michelin will use that as an advantage to make a 275 width maybe closer to a 285, which makes a world of difference when you are talking about competition between the brand names performance. Where as a Chinese tire like a double coin will be the opposite, because they can save 3-5% profit on every tire which helps them pay for the scrap they had to throw out that didn't make it through production quality control, as well as increase profit in an already low profit tire.
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