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    I posting new information here on this thread about events that may be in your area. There are several websites that list car show and cruises. A majority of these shows and cruises are not hellcat exclusive.
    Our event in July 24th is a all mopar car show with trophies going to at least 10 new challengers.

    I will update this thread when I get new information and if anyone would like me to save them a spot, please send me a pm

    Hemmings.com had the listings for all of the shows in our area. Capital region car shows is another resource. If anyone is interested in getting a bunch of us together in a central location so we all don't have to drive a bunch of miles, I and others are all ears for ideas.

    If possible let me know what part of NYS you are from and I will create a master list and booklet for us to have statewide. I have the ability to get it together and make it happen

    Please pm me your name and location for the NYS directory and we are already rolling to new heights
    Thank you brothers and sisters
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