Paul Walker's Dad Is Suing The Rodas Family For $1.8m

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    Paul Walker's Dad Is Suing The Rodas Family For $1.8m
    Over a year after the Walker/Rodas tragedy, Paul's father has filed a $1.8m claim against the driver's family

    By Alex Kersten, 31 December 2014

    Paul Walker and long-time friend Roger Rodas tragically lost their lives in November 2013 when Rodas lost control of the Porsche GT they were both in. The cause of the accident was concluded to be “unsafe speed for the roadway conditions.” The supercar’s nine-year-old Michelin tyres were also blamed as a factor.

    Six months after the pair’s death, their extensive car collection went up for salethrough high-end brokers.

    Walker’s father - who is the executor of his son’s estate - now claims that the Rodas family is still in possession of the cars, which has prompted him to file a $1.8m claim against the Rodas family.

    The lawsuit claims that “The estate of Roger W. Rodas (..) is in possession of numerous automobiles and other motor vehicles that are either wholly or partially owned by the creditor.” Walker Sr “seeks the return of the vehicles at issue and/or creditor’s proportionate share of any sales proceeds derived from the sale of such vehicles.”

    We’ll update you with developments when we have them.

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