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    For what is worth the manufacturer's tire warranty pays. This was a shocker for me. I had a screw around the center tread. Took the tire to Discount Tire and they tell me they would not patch it because the inner liner had a hairline crack. Well since we all know we do not have a spare and I could not drive on the rim I had no choice but to buy a $237.00 dollar replacement. Pirelli Zero Y106L. I asked Discount Tire to keep the tire and file a warranty claim. Well a few days later they said they called and couldn't get a response. They gave me the number, I called and somehow 5 minutes later I had a rep and $157 credit card refund on my $237.00 charge. So net expense for the new tire was $77 moral of the story call Pirelli and make a claim of course your tire dealer has to talk to tire company rep in order to work the credit card refund. But I was pleased. My tire had worn to 7/32 and had 6,000 miles to give you background info on the tire but the claim process was easy.
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