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Discussion in 'Emerging Hellcat Issues' started by cereal killer, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Ladies and gentlemen this forum will be used for emerging Hellcat issues which will be rare. ONLY real issues of proven failures that could result in a car down situation make it into this forum. Fuel smell, fuel leaks, fluid leaks and smoke coming into cockpit will also constitute the make-up of this forum This forum will not be used for dome lights that won't turn on or UConnects that fail to pair to smartphones etc for example.

    First order of business. Members will NOT be able to post issue threads in this forum. These threads will be created by Hellcat.ORG's contact lead SRT_HC_707. If you believe a serious issue could be a more widespread problem and it needs special attention please contact the lead and it will be reviewed. Once approved the contact lead (SRT_HC_707) will create the thread. Threads that have already been created on the open forums may also make their way into the Emerging Hellcat Issue forum . If you believe your thread warrants a review, contact the forum lead.

    Once a thread is created and/or moved into this forum it is NOT to be used for anything other than what it is intended to be used for. Bringing attention to a potentially larger problem and helping to facilitate product support for FCA techs/employees who wish to use this forum as a resource. PLEASE KEEP ALL OFF TOPIC BANTER OUT OF THESE THREADS. It will be deleted so save yourself the time and us the work :)

    Lastly, if your thread/request is rejected DO NOT take offense. It simply means that more empirical evidence/data is needed to justify opening up an issue thread. As a general rule of thumb, if after 3 or more of the same issue(s) pop up a thread will be created/moved into the forum.

    Thank you and good luck!
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