Plum Crazy HELLCAT has set the standard just look at Starbucks

Discussion in 'Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat' started by ChargerChallenger, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Charger SRT Hellcat
    Well sorta of:)
    I was at Starbucks this weekend and purchased a PLUM CRAZY STARBUCKS COFFE MUG:D
    And I know it's not exact paint match but close and it is PURPLE:rolleyes:

    Just gotta luv how the HELLCAT!!!! And is just that a HELLCAT. She just stirs up the wanna bees and she has certainly done that. Just look what has happened over the past year or so on all the WANNA BEES.
    Even Tesla has been forced to raise the BAR by releasing the LUDICROUS package. Just start searching the Internet and look at all the competition. Ford Mustang GT 350 (good luck getting one LOL), Chevy CAMARO bringing the 2017 Zl1...etc and yeah their will always be someone faster but just how much FRICKING MONEY r u going to spend to be fast? And even the SUV market or so called car suv which MERCEDES and BMW have brought to the market. The X6M and GLE AMG which are very fast. But for 100k plus I can only hope u have a bad ass car:D
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