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Discussion in 'SRT Hellcat Purchasing' started by Juicer0277, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Charger SRT Hellcat
    Hey everyone. Not really sure where to post something like this so I guess I'll start here and can move it if I need to. My uncle had a hard time finding a dealer that could commit to being able to get him a Plum Crazy Hellcat so in the end he got verbally committed to one at 2 different dealerships. 1 of them delivered here to Wichita yesterday and will be prepped and ready for pickup on Monday. The other delivers to Ohio at the beginning of February. He was looking to purchase one as an investment car to hold on to and doesn't need the two. He has a 2015 in black that he uses as his daily driver.

    My question I guess is if anyone anywhere near either of those locations has any interest in one of these in the Plum Crazy color and would like to purchase it instead of him having to buy two. They are invoice priced at $70,775 (plus tax) so you would just pay the dealership for it and be done.

    I guess if anyone has any interest reach out to me on here.


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