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    To those M6 owners in the know. . .

    When qtr mile racing. ..

    - About how far down (what %) do you depress the clutch?

    - As you power shift, do you slide your foot off the clutch (for fast engagement)?

    - For the Hellcat, what is the last gear used in the qtr mile?

    - Do you always start in first (or sometimes 2nd)?

    - I would like to see power shifting (by a pro or good amateur) filmed in the Hellcat cockpit during a real race, so I can see the timing (from gear to gear and between clutch and shift).

    - Do you practice power shifting in your car parked (w/ engine off)?

    - Any other tips you may have?
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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    - all the way as quick as possible

    -release as fast as possible

    -4th gear shift at the 1000' mark for me

    -First gear only. The gear is very long. 63mph at redline. 2nd gear start will cook that clutch for sure...

    I am not totally convinced powershifting has much benefit. Rpm doesnt fall very fast when letting off the accelerator like a carb car does, and boost is practically instantaneous when back on the throttle. My advice is practice shifting as fast as possible. Until I see some definitive results of somebody powershifting running better than the 126+ that I ran by only granny shifting, Im going to say powershifting MAY be only hard on parts.. did you see my thread on my M6 trip to the track? There is a vid of me "granny shifting" my way to an 11.6 @126 with a horrible 1.97 60' time...

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