Solo Performance Exhaust Fitment with Upgraded Driveshaft

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    I have been getting many questions in regards to the fitment of our Solo Performance exhaust kits with an upgraded driveshaft. A few days ago, I had my DSS aluminum 4" driveshaft installed with the Solo Mach Shorty catback for the Hellcat.

    The 4" aluminum drive shaft just touches the muffler body in one spot, so only minor adjustments had to be made. There was no cutting, no heating, and no bending needed. We added a 1/2" spacer in the bolt right above the exhaust tips that goes into the body. After that, we just readjusted the kit and BAM! The tips have enough adjustment in them to get perfectly lined up like stock. I have been driving around for a few days and zero issues.

    Our Street Race kit has no muffler, so it should fit without any adjustment. The Mach Shorty needs the above adjustment, and all is good. Pricing is as follows:

    Street Race Catback (X pipe only- no muffler)- $875 shipped to continental US

    Mach Shorty Catback (11" short X-design muffler)- $979 shipped to the continental U

    We include a return labeled box to retrofit the valves. If you or your shop will be fitting the valves back into the kit themselves, subtract $50 from the above prices.


    516-655-9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)

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