Somebody in South Carolina is going to be a happy person soon.

Discussion in 'Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat' started by Driver72, May 5, 2015.

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    I was at a local Dodge dealer today with my Hellcat (smaller dealer)
    People at dealer drooling over it, asking me loads of questions.
    The parts manager lady was dying for a ride, so I gave her one, she was cute, how could I not. :)
    She was thrilled.
    That dealer JUST got their first Hellcat yesterday. Guy flying in from South Carolina in the next 1/2 hour to get it.
    Red Challenger with Black Satin Hood.
    Black Leather interior.
    They had it in prep bay, all cleaned up and looking nice. People have been sitting in it though, as floor mats had a bit of debris on them.
    To the new owner, it had 4 miles on the odometer. I opened up the door to check it out for you.

    Enjoy your day or so drive back to South Carolina.
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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    Debris on floor mats could just be from the loading/unloading of the car.. both of our Hellcats arrived at the dealer absolutely filthy on the driver side floor, especially the Charger. Somehow there was dirt on the damn dash board in front of the steering wheel on it, plus a ton of filth on the floor. Oh well, it cleans up.

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