Team for BullRun 2015??

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    Anyone want to start a BullRun Team with the Hellcat (mine (Phantom Black A8) or yours)?? [​IMG]Registration will open this week as per the message I received from the BullRun folks. I know it is expensive but it would be a great time to have.

    Below statements taken from the BullRun website under FAQ. Bullrun Rallying the World - Bullrun Rallying the World

    The Bullrun Live Rally costs $20K (USD) per team. A team comprises of two people driving one car. The rally entry fee covers the costs of all hotels, meals, parties, track events, venue rentals and Bullrun swag.

    You are allowed to obtain personal sponsorship's (maybe some of the parts and suppliers on this form) to cover the cost of the entry fee. It is up to you to find personal sponsorship. However, you need to check with us to make sure your sponsors do not conflict with the sponsors of the rally. Some teams manage to get in for free due to their sponsors covering the entire entry fee. It is possible!

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