The Hellcat Mantra

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    Hello to all, I'm a longtime lurker here and decided to join. My uncle bought a Hellcat Challenger last year and tbh I spend more time in his garage that I should lol. Not too long ago he asked me to design a Hellcat themed poster for his garage, and he liked it so much that he wanted it printed on shirts and hoodies.

    It's been a pretty big hit with he and his friends, so I wanted to spread the goodness to the fellow Hellcatters here. The Hellcat Mantra is simple "707 Horses And A Cloud Of Smoke" we had them printed on a handful of tees and now the demand has grown. I really respect you guys' opinions , so let me know what you think. If you would like one for yourself, you can get it at The Hellcat Mantra thanks for having a look gang!




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