The Men's Room Etiquette Redux

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by junglas, Jan 22, 2016.

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    I see a whole lot of things wrong or unhygienic in the men's room, so I thought I'd share and bring some form of etiquette to enlighten and help make a change, I jotted down a few things on my mind.

    1- Wash your hands!
    I can't tell you the number of times guys leave the stall and walk right to the door without washing their ******* hands! It aggravates me, especially if they'll pick up their child or eat their food. This really goes without saying, I mean I've seen guys who hold on to the edge of the urinal and their other hand grabbing their penis while staring at the ******* ceiling, then he would walk across the bathroom right past the motion-sensing sinks and free soap! Speaking of urinals...

    2- The Buffer Urinal
    What’s more uncomfortable than rubbing elbows with a stranger while standing, legs akimbo to avoid the puddle, at the urinal? This is basic field strategy here guys. You never, ever, ever, select a urinal directly next to one already in use, not when there’s a choice anyway. If there are three urinals to choose from, pick one on the outside. Leave the center one for the guy who may actually die if he doesn’t get to the bathroom.

    3- Clean Up After Yourself
    If you dribble on the seat, leave a mess of water and soap around the sink or miss the waste basket with an errant paper towel, pick it up. This isn’t elementary school, this is a men’s room. You may be in a huge hurry to get out of there and I understand that, but come on, you’re an adult. Act like it. If you leave drops on the seat or a toilet unflushed, that automatically removes that particular facility from use for at least 10 hours. Have some decency.

    4- The Proper Stance
    Whether in a stall or at a urinal, keep your stance narrow and your positioning square against the target. In the stall, a wide stance could lead to unexpected touching or, worse in the case of Senator Larry Craig, a political scandal. It’s important at the urinal too. No one wants to touch boots while you’re doing that. And if you stand at an angle, you’re likely to incur civilian backsplash casualties.

    So yeah just these few things... your thoughts? :D

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