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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    So the hellcat turned 1 year old last week and I was thinking about our time so far:

    Pros - Great cruiser, very comfortable for the 3 of us, great looks, great power, some great upgrades from the 2011 model (power, electronics, interior), great manners on the street

    Cons - Radio quality questionable at best (13 Fusion sounds better at 30% volume and no dedicated sub) ((Disclaimer this is before the flash)). This is also my only real gripe....

    If I had to nitpick a few things they would be: 1) Radio - Why cant I just turn it off? I know that the mute option is there, but it resets after shutting the car off. Sometimes I don't want to listen to the radio at all. Please add an "Off" button. 2) Why embed Travelink as an App? Just have a button on the main screen that gets me there. And why in the world is the Weather Map graphic so miniscule? 3) No green hellcat icon??

    Re-upped the Sirius subscription last week. 5 years of travelink come with the car.

    I had the chance yesterday to enjoy some cruising and upgrades in the hellcat. First, took a leisurely drive to Warrenton to get State inspection done and get the amp firmware flashed. Significant improvement after the flash. I can actually feel some bass at 12 now. Mids and highs are cleaned up as well. Used to be on 16 you felt no bass and struggled to clearly hear mids & highs. Then drove out to Manassas to a friends shop and slid my new shaft in, DSS Aluminum. Had a solid quarter inch clearance so didn't "massage" the muffler. DSS sent me the plugs a few weeks ago so we installed them. Sealed everything with the Right Stuff. What a difference from stock!! Stock is miniscule compared to DSS. Put the car on the dyno and took it to 174 on the dyno rollers and absolutely solid after the DSS install. Looking forward to getting some seat time at the track on fathers day. 630ish rwhp for those that are curious.

    Now its time to get some spring cleaning done and a good coat of wax on it.

    Looking forward to this years meets and events.

    Hope to see some of you there!!

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    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    image.jpeg Picked it up one year ago today. 3700 miles later and loving it.
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