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    I was looking at CF hood options online and happened to come across this on eBay. I am not the type who has the patience or waits forever (once I've made up my mind) for stuff and vendors to take their own sweet time to respond. That was perhaps the acceptable service parameter/norm a few decades ago, but this is 2016.

    Their turn around time appears to be great (24-48 hours) and I wanted to know if anyone has bought this or aware of this and how it would compare to the one which is being offered by bwoody. I would really appreciate any feedback.

    That CF hood by bwoody is a thing of beauty but if I'm not mistaken shipping is quite a long wait. Best part is they are shipping from Garden Grove CA which is barely 40 miles from where I live, so accessibility should not be an issue. I could even drive down there and pick it up personally if I could establish some background about the product. The ad also seems to suggest that there is uv protection.

    08-16 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Carbon Fiber Creations Body Kit- Hood!!! 112475

    If this has already been addressed or touched upon in the past then I apologize in advance...Cheers..!!!
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